We are experts at simplifying body transformations and solving all of these issues outlined below for our clients. 


Too often people read advanced programmes watch nonsense videos on You tube and despite never having trained before, think you need to eat nothing but chicken and broccoli and train 2 hours a day in order to lose fat. It simply isn't the case and isn't how it works.


You can stick to a "diet" and training plan for 2 weeks, but ultimately because you don't see instant results or the results that you want to see you switch to something else or give up completely.


You follow your diet for 4 days a week, then fall off for 3 at the weekend and get disheartened when you don't reach your goals.


Who should you trust? It seems "experts" don't agree most of the time. With the latest fad promising crazy results, it seems impossible to wade through the confusing and conflicting advice out there. That's why as Personal trainers with degrees in sports science we look for the most recent research being conducted and the substantiated results that go with it in order to deliver substantiated advice and therefore get you your results in the correct way.


You’ve seen an impressive six pack or perky glutes on Instagram! GREAT! Now your thinking about signing up to their super-duper online training course. If you’ve done that and you’re happy with the service, fantastic you've just joined a very small group of people.

The one-man / woman bands of Instagram fitness are notoriously unreliable and most if not all of the information that they provide is just personal opinion and not based on any scientific fact. Alongside this all that you usually get is a copy and paste plan that’s fit for no one.

At Cobra, we really are different because we use training methods from across all sports that are proven to work. You don’t have to hope that you get a great service with us, you can expect a great service.

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