Inline 4 week transformation (Gym Member)


Inline 4 week transformation (Gym Member)

This is our 4 week Transformation

Over the course of 4 weeks we aim to get you to lose 1 stone or more. 

As an incentive if you lose a stone we will give you £100 Back!!!

What do you get?
A 4 week Nutrition Plan, the plan is designed to be sustainable and educational. The first and last week acts a detox to try and get the weight down. Reducing sugar, fat and carb levels to get your body to burn its own fat stores. The middle two weeks are based on a healthy diet, eductaion on the right types of food and portion size. 

3 Group fitness classes per week - Mon Weds and friday 7pm, 45mins at Inline Fitness Centre, Blaydon, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Exercise Programmes - additional exercise programmes to complete at the gym or at home.

Weekly Weigh-ins

A discount on further Transformations.