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Improving Sporting Performance

The Athlete Performance Programme (APP) Explained

 How do I become part of the Athlete Performance Programme?

Applicants applying for the Athlete Performance Programme must meet the following criteria / and complete the online application form including mandate.

Entry to the programme is determinate by assessment. (See Form Below)

Each Athlete will receive an individual Long Term Development Plan which will enable us to enhance the opportunity to peak in condition for competitions. We will assess, plan, action and review each Athlete using nationally recognised software. 

The Athlete Performance Programme will provide up to 4 hours of Strength and Conditioning support per week, comprising of up to 2 hours hands on delivery and 2 hours of external programme design and delivery (sessions to do at home/at the gym in own time, training advice, partner Physio discount etc). This will be for competing Athletes and the coaching will be delivered by Qualified Trainers. The total cost is £45.00 per month (6 x 1-1 sessions). This is a reduced fee normal cost is £30 per hour (£240 per month).


Part A: Completing the form

After completing the application form it will be passed to your PE teacher and your coach for them to validate. 

Part B: Selection

Applicants may be invited to attend a selection session which may be individual or group orientated. The session will last up to a total of two hours. The sessions will be orientated around a practical training session and will include elements of:

• Co-ordination and the ability to understand and follow instructions
• Creative ability, decision making, awareness and teamwork
• General physical attributes
• Overall aptitude

Part C: Results of the selection process

On completion of the session a final decision will be made. We will notify candidates of the result of the selection process. You will be required to attend your chosen facility in order to complete your application prior to commencing your confirmed place. This will involve completing a Direct Debit mandate.  

Candidates may receive notification of one of the following:

• A provisional place which they then accept or decline
• A reserve place which they can accept or decline
• No place

The decision of the selection is final at all stages of the application process.

To register your application please complete the form below and we will be in contact:

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Participant Details:

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Medical Info:

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2. Any serious illness, injury or major surgery in last three years? *

3. Any conditions that require medications? *

4. Any allergy’s? *

5. Do you have a disability and/or require additional support? *

If you have answered Yes to any of the above please provide details:

Declaration and Consent to Activity:
 I agree to the child named named receiving emergency medical treatment, including anaesthetic, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. I understand that individual workers do not administer emergency medication and understand the extent and limitations of the insurance cover provided. I undertake to inform the leader-in-charge as soon as possible of any change in the medical circumstances between the dates on which this form is signed and the commencement of the visit/activity. I also understand that, in order to meet my child’s intimate care needs it will be necessary for me to attend the activity or nominate a responsible carer to support my child.​​​​​​​

 ​​​​​​​I Understand the information on this form will be processed by Cobra Health and Fitness in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. The data you provide will be used for administering your membership and for statistical purposes. We will not pass any data you provide to a third party.​​​​