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Athletic Performance – Training Sessions

Cobra Athletic Performance sessions offer individualized strength and conditioning programs which are tailored for each athlete. No two athletes are the same therefore no two programs should be the same. We customize our programs to ensure each athlete gets the most out of every training session and achieves the greatest results possible.​​​​​​​

  • Improve strength, power, and explosiveness

  • Gain lean muscle mass

  • Improve athletic performance through a safe and effective periodization program

  • Experienced and certified staff

  • Learn and perfect correct exercise technique

Why choose us?

Our facility located just Outside Newcastle it is equipped with excellent equipment and provides the athlete with a safe and welcoming training experience. Our athletes are evaluated to assess the needs of each athlete. Based upon these results and upon the goals of the athlete an individualized strength and conditioning program is designed to ensure all needs are met.

For more information contact Alex at: cobrahealthandfitness@gmail.com ​​​​​​​

Individual Training Session: £35.00
One on One training session (60 minutes)

Small Group Training Session: £20.00 per athlete
2-4 Athletes per training session (60 minutes)

Speed and Agility Training: £20.00 per athlete
1-4 Athletes per training session (30 minutes)

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